Girlfriend urges gunman to give himself up

The former girlfriend of fugitive Raoul Moat made a heartfelt appeal to him today to hand himself in.

Samantha Stobbart, 22, told the 37-year-old that if he still loved her and their young daughter he would not remain on the run.

Moat allegedly shot Ms Stobbart then killed her boyfriend Chris Brown before going on the run. The next day, he allegedly shot Pc David Rathband.

At a Northumbria Police press conference, Detective Chief Superintendent Neil Adamson issued the direct appeal on Ms Stobbart’s behalf.

He said: “We’ve spoken to Sam and she has asked us to say the following to you: ‘Please give yourself up.

‘If you still love me and our baby you would not be doing this any more.’

“Sam also said: ‘When you came out of jail I told you I was seeing a police officer.

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‘I said this because I was frightened.

‘I have not been seeing a police officer.’”

Mr Adamson went on: “Mr Moat, I know you don’t trust the police because you’ve told us that.

“So you know that this message is genuinely from Sam, she’s told us about the Links of London chain bracelet that you bought her for Christmas.

“Please make contact with us.”

He added that Miss Stobbart was being “appropriately protected”.