Give a dog a home - to replace his diary

ROCKY the black labrador is the dog world's answer to Bridget Jones.

ROCKY the black labrador is the dog world's answer to fiction's Bridget Jones.

Thanks to the writing skills of his carer, a diary about his time at the RSPCA centre in Martlesham has been kept in the three-year-old pooch's name.

Rocky, who is a lot less macho than Sylvester Stallone's boxing character in the film of the same name, arrived at the centre in Mill Lane in April and since then has undergone intensive training to help him integrate with the other dogs.

But no one has yet come forward to give him a home.

He spent most of his life chained up in a back garden before his owners gave him up to the RSPCA in Cambridgeshire to be re-homed. He was then transferred to the Martlesham centre.

Simon Bowman, a member of staff at the centre who has coordinated his training, has now composed a diary from Rocky's viewpoint, which explores how he has overcome problems, such as excessive worrying and being anti-social.

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Kieron Adams, RSPCA centre manager, said: “Rocky needs an owner who is firm and can give him lots of attention.

“One of Rocky's main problems was other dogs because having had no contact with them previously, he was unsure how to behave around them, and showed aggression if he felt threatened.

“The staff at the centre worked hard to solve his problems, by monitoring the dogs he met and only introducing him to sensible dogs so that he gained confidence.

“Rocky has responded well to his training, and has certainly come along in the time he has been with us. “We just need to find the right owner that will continue the work that we have started.”

Rocky's diary is displayed in the centre for visitors to read.

Tyson, a four-year-old bull mastiff, is also looking for a home as he arrived around the same time as Rocky.

She added: “He is looking for an owner who will continue the behaviour work we have done with him.

“Most people go for a cute and cuddly dog but Tyson is really lovely even if he does not look it at first.”

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Wow! Look at this world - very big with so much going on and very scary. I have just left my shed. I'm so glad I am out of that dark smelly place. The last nice person I saw was when I was with mum and that was a year ago. Otherwise it has just been me and my shed.

I have arrived at the Martlesham centre. I'm still worried but it is quiet and I have just been given some breakfast. There are lots of new people to meet. So far everyone is nice and I like going for walks. I have never been in a wood before it's great with so much to see and sniff.

Now they keep doing strange things while I'm trying to eat like stroking me. I met another walking friend today. He was very big. I'm still not going to look at him to be on the safe side. It still seems strange to be around another dog.

They are still being funny while I am eating but I don't think they are trying to take it away anymore. Yesterday that smelly chap gave me all of my dinner at once. He asked me to sit and wait, so I did. He was so pleased with me that I got an extra treat. He also said that I was the best dog in the world. I already knew that-they catch on a bit slow here.

Everyone keeps saying that I have a long way to go as yet and I must admit that I still get very scared by a lot of dogs but one day as long as I keep getting better, despite my start in life, I could be like any normal dog.

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