Goat yoga class overwhelmed with demand after success at Bawdsey


Eager yoga enthusiasts and animal lovers enjoyed perfect weather for the first class in the peaceful country location.


Skylark Farm and DM Yoga joined forces for their first goat yoga class, with people travelling from as far afield as Bedfordshire for the experience.

Diana Malone, of DM Yoga, was stunned by the number of people who registered for the event.


Diana, who led the group along with the six young goats who joined them, said: “We had so many we had to start turning people away.

“At least 70 percent of the class were people new to yoga.

“It isn’t really about getting a great workout, it’s more about laughter and spending time with the goats.”

Emma Aldous, of Skylark Farm, scattered food for the goats throughout the group, leading to some adorable encounters as the goats sought out their treats.

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Emma said: “Goats are naturally social, intelligent and often affectionate. They don’t care that you are trying to do yoga. They just want to be near you. You can’t help but feel relaxed in their presence.

“The goats are so relaxed and just being around them helps people feel good about themselves. Combining animal therapy and yoga is an amazing double act because it provides both the good-natured animals as well as soothing breath and movement. And being outdoors in such a lovely spot is just the icing on the cake.”

Skylark Farm will host another class with DM Yoga on Monday July 31 at 8pm.