Councillor says gritting fleet treated Suffolk’s roads twice before snow - and once more when it fell

Snow scenes in Ipswich. Picture: EMILY TOWNSEND

Snow scenes in Ipswich. Picture: EMILY TOWNSEND - Credit: Archant

“If the lorry can’t fit, we can’t grit” - that is the message from Suffolk County Council as the gritters prepare to hit the county’s roads again later today.

The council’s almost 40-strong fleet took to the roads last night and again at 4.40am this morning on the priority one routes (A and B roads).

They were then out again at 11.30am.

There were some delays and traffic disruption on the A12 and A14, which are gritted by Highways England, however Councillor Jane Storey from Suffolk County Council said some were caught up in traffic caused by the flurry of snow.

Suffolk police are urging people to stay off the roads if they can and to only use your car if absolutely essential.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said there had been a steady stream of shunts and low speed collisions today with traffic disruption in various part of Ipswich and the rest of the county.

Mrs Storey, who has temporarily taken on highways for Suffolk County Council, said they have done all they can to keep the roads flowing.

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She said: “The gritters have been out over night, at 4.30am early this morning and then were out again doing the priority one routes at 11.30am.

“They have done really well.

“I think what had happened on the A12 was that the Highways gritters had quite a time because they couldn’t get through.

“This was one of the messages I wanted to get across - if the lorry can’t fit, we can’t grit.

“The main message however, is to not go out unless you need to. “But if you do go out make sure you are prepared - take a blanket, some water, make sure your tyres are of a correct pressure and that your phone is charged up.”

She added the gritters would be out again later today to treat the roads.

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