Happy Father’s Day - readers leave special messages for their dads

Livvy Barnes with her dad

Livvy Barnes with her dad - Credit: Archant

Has your son or daughter left you a Father’s Day message? Here we bring you a round up of the messages submitted online in the build up to today.

Happy Father's Day Matey

Happy Father's Day Matey - Credit: Archant

To Chris Betts

Happy Father’s Day Dad. We love you so much. Love from your little monkeys Ben and Leah xx

Shannon and dad Gary

Shannon and dad Gary - Credit: Archant

To Colin Pearson

Thank you for the many cups of coffee, kitchen building/home repairs and your endless support over the last 37 years, I couldn’t have done it without you. Love you Daddy.xx From Kirsty Wills

To Jim Hirst

Lee with Graylyn and Issa

Lee with Graylyn and Issa - Credit: Archant

To dad happy Father’s Day love you always. From Hayley

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To Dad

Thank you for being a perfect dad and step-dad we love you lots, lots and more. Conner and Charlie xxx

To Peter Spruce

Thank you Dad for being the best Dad anyone could ever ask for. You have, without a doubt, always been there for us and supported us through everything. You and Mum are our rocks and we will be eternally grateful. We love you both more than words can describe. From Claire and Jenny.

To My daddy

I love you loads daddy you are my world. Love casey

To Gary Offord

Happy Father’s Day dad THANKYOU for everything you have done for us and the support you give us your one in a million and we love you lots. Love Shannon, Niall and Britney X

To Gary

Thanks for everything dad. You honestly are the greatest and we are so lucky to have you. You have taught us so much that will keep with us forever.

From Shannon

Dean Gull

To daddy, I love you very much and always will you are the best dad in the world. You are one in a million, I love you. From Chloe Gull

Grandad Calthorpe

Happy Father’s Day Grandad, Love from Ben and Leah xx

Chris Betts

We love you daddy. Love from JJ and Dylan xx

Matey Calthorpe

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world, Matey. From Cathy

Dad Calthorpe

Happy Father’s Day to my best friend, Love from Kane xx

Daniel Bradshaw

Thanks for everything dad, I honestly don’t know where I would be without you?? You annoy me but I wouldn’t replace you for anyone in this world. Love you always and forever, thanks for everything. From Ellieee Bradshaw

To My Dad

Thank you for being a wonderful dad love you loads. From Eden XX

To James Ling

Happy Father’s Day to our super Daddy! We love you so much. Lots of Love Harrison and Abigail xxxxx


To the bestest daddy in the whole wide world. You are my best friend and I love you lots. All my kisses and cuddles, from your Livvy xxx

Mike Ripper Daddy

We would like to wish our daddy a very happy fathers day. You work so hard to provide for us and make us laugh everyday. We love you unconditionally. Love your boys Liam and Noah xx

Anthony Rose

Happy Father’s Day to a special grandad, you are one in a million. Love Summer, Joshua and Dexter xxx

Mike Howe

I love you so much dad, your one in a million lots of love and kisses. Your Princess Amiee-Lee xxxx

My dad

My dad is extra special because he has raised me into the person I am today. He took me out of bad situation and taught me how to lead the right path in life even if there has been a few slip ups on the way He is the funniest dad and can get along with anybody. Our happiest memory would be going to Beautiful days festival last year me, him and my brother. We got lost in the middle of Devon and had to keep asking people where to go. After they told us we would forget and have to stop and ask somebody else, from Lauren Welton

Tom Rumsey

Happy Father’s Day to our special daddy! Thank you for being the best daddy ever. All our love Harper and Marlie xxx

Jake A Miller

Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy in the whole world. We love you lots and lots. Love from Maximus, Phoenix and Jensen xxx

Jason Eyles

The only thing better than having you as my husband is our children having you as their father. You dedicate your life to us and always put everyone before yourself. You truly are the most amazing man and we couldn’t be without you. We Love you now and always, your wife and your cheeky monkeys xxx


Happy Father’s Day to the kindest and funniest daddy there is. Love from Graylyn and Issa xx

To Dad

Happy Father’s Day dad, I love you to the moon and back, I have missed out on 11 years of being without you but I am so glad I have found you and now we can make so many memories to replace those lost 11 years. From Bethany Abbott

To Ray Noble

My amazing dad, you have always been the best dad I could ask for you have always been there for me to talk to, to bail me out, my rock. I love you more than u know and that will never charge x Love Shaz x

To dad

Happy father’s day Dad, Tim Berry, lots of love from Ashley Warren Zac Grace Harriet Erica Phoebe Edi xxxxxx

To Daddy

Happy Father’s Day daddy i love being your little helper because I want to be just like you, love BMP X