Headteacher speaks out after police called to fight among schoolchildren near Kesgrave High School

Kesgrave High School.
Picture: ARCHANT

Kesgrave High School. Picture: ARCHANT

The headteacher of Kesgrave High School says he is addressing abusive and threatening behaviour among pupils involved in a ‘pre-planned fight’ outside the school yesterday.

Police were called to the scene, in Main Road, just after 4pm on Wednesday, September 20, after two members of the public and a PCSO called the control room for assistance.

However, a police spokeswoman said when officers arrived there was no sign of criminal activity and the children quickly left the scene.

Today, Nigel Burgoyne, headteacher of Kesgrave High School, confirmed there had been a fight between two pupils which had attracted large crowds of children.

He said: “There was a pre-planned fight between a student from another school and one from Kesgrave.

“Following this, a large number of young people gathered, including pupils from Kesgrave.

“There was some abusive and threatening behaviour, and we are addressing this with the pupils and their parents.

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“We are working with the police to address some potentially serious offences which appear to have been committed by young adults not attending Kesgrave High School.”

A police spokesman said: “Police were called at around 4pm to reports that two teenage boys were fighting with one another in Oak Meadow Playground in Kesgrave, and a large group of other children had gathered to spectate.

“Officers attended, but by this point the fight had ended and the group initially dispersed, before regathering around half an hour later and again moving on when the police arrived.

“A Section 35 Dispersal Order was then implemented by Suffolk Police to allow officers to require anyone to leave the area for 12 hours if directed to do so.

“Two people were ultimately issued with these directions to leave.

“Police are continuing to investigate this incident & have been liaising with Kesgrave High School. To date officers have received one allegation of common assault during this incident, though a formal complaint has not been made at this stage.”