Baby Isla Rose made a surprise appearance early on Christmas morning, the first baby born at Ipswich Hospital today.

Mum Shannon Goodchild, 21, said she was due on January 7 but suddenly went into labour on Thursday.

"I was in labour for hours, and we expected her to arrive Christmas Eve but she was finally born at 2.39am on Christmas Day."

Isla Rose Goodchild Rees weighed in at 6lb 12oz - and her proud parents are still deliberating whether to call her Isla-Rose, or use Rose as a middle name.

"We had her name set, but officially confirmed it once she arrived," said Shannon, speaking from the maternity department at Ipswich Hospital.

Shannon and partner Christopher Rees, 39, an HGV driver for a flooring company, had planned to spend Christmas at home.

"I live with my mum in the town centre," said the new mum. "My sister and her partner are over so they are all waiting for us to be discharged. They are all really excited."

The early arrival took the new parents by surprise, but they are already planning how to make future birthdays special for their baby daughter.

"I think maybe we will celebrate half way through the year, then she has a day that is special to her," said Shannon, who works for the Coop as a customer service assistant.

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