As coronavirus restrictions are eased, some people may have increasing feelings of anxiety post-lockdown. But what can you do to help manage them?

Suffolk Mind chief executive Jon Neal gave some tips at Wednesday's Welcome Back to Wellbeing event, organised by this newspaper in association with Suffolk County Council.

The lack of feeling of "community" is one thing that affected mental health during lockdown, Mr Neal said. The return to work and routines that make us feel normal are important.

People are urged to be kind to themselves and look after their own wellbeing. Preparing and planning for the routine to return is also important if you're worried about it. For example, if you're concerned about going back to the office, you could try getting up early, wearing office clothes and travelling your commute route.

A good night's sleep away from screens – and enforcing the idea that your bedroom is a place to sleep – is also important, as well as learning relaxation techniques.

Among the techniques include 7/11 breathing and muscle tension relaxation. There are guides, and more useful information available, on the Suffolk Mind YouTube page.