Former fraud investigator now gets others up to 'wiggle, giggle and jiggle'

Bumba Fitness classes

Bumba Fitness classes - Credit: Bumba Fitness

An Ipswich woman who swapped careers from fraud investigation to fitness is getting people of all ages to “wiggle, giggle and jiggle into happier and healthier versions of themselves”. 

Sarah Ann Gray, the founder of Bumba Fitness, offers, among others, Zumba fitness sessions, Zumba gold classes for people aged 50+ and seated Zumba gold for older adults and care home residents. 

Bumba Fitness classes

Bumba Fitness classes for people in all ages - Credit: Bumba Fitness

The unique chair-based Zumba gold classes for the elderly are very popular among the local community. 

Sarah said: “During the gold classes we aren’t jumping around, but it's still a good energy class.  

“I'm an easy-going instructor and I want everyone to have fun, so I make all the classes fun and exciting. It's all about moving and having fun. It's not about getting it right.   

Sarah Ann Gray, the founder of Bumba Fitnes

Sarah Ann Gray, the founder of Bumba Fitnes - Credit: Bumba Fitnes

“We all stop for a cup of tea after most of the classes, which is very nice. You can feel a real sense of social community. Many of my students become friends through classes, and it’s really lovely.” 

The founder of Bumba Fitness specialises in older adult fitness and is fully qualified to carry out safe and interesting classes for older participants. 

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Sarah said: “All of my classes are inclusive, so all ages are welcome, but gold classes are particularly aimed at people over 50. The sessions are easier, have a low impact on joints, and are a variation of the traditional Latin cardio.    

Zumba gold classes for older adults

Zumba gold classes for older adults - Credit: Bumba Fitness

“I can also offer a little bit more support for people with particular health issues or concerns, including knee or hip replacements, injuries and various things like arthritis, COPD and diabetes.” 

The instructor said that her goal is to “remove all of the barriers that stop people from joining exercise classes.” 

Sarah, who used to work as a fraud investigator, once joined a local community class and fell in love with Zumba. 

Zumba Bumba workshops

Zumba Bumba workshops - Credit: Bumba Fitness

“I took my Zumba licence training and I started a little community class in Bramford. It grew and grew, and I absolutely loved it. 

“I just thought this is the path that I feel I'm supposed to be on. I'm really enjoying it and I found something that I'm good at and passionate about. 

“I gradually added more classes, get more fitness qualifications and opened Bumba Fitness. I also carry out MDM Suffolk classes which are mindfulness, dance and meditation sessions."

Zumba Bumba community classes take place in various centres around West Ipswich, including Bradford Road, Castle Hill, Chantry area and Copdock.   

Bumba Fitness classes

Bumba Fitness classes - Credit: Bumba Fitness

Everybody can join free Zumba workshops that will take place on July 10 during the Indian Summer Mela festival.