Ipswich Hospital music therapy sessions go online

Lucas enjoys his music therapy 

Lucas enjoys his music therapy - Credit: ESNEFT

Young patients and their families are continuing to feel the benefits of music therapy at Ipswich Hospital, despite the challenges of the pandemic. 

 In person music therapy came to an end last March, but was relaunched again online in September.   

Staff help the young patients on the ward, whilst the trained music therapist Daisy Williamson interacts with them virtually.  

Among those benefiting is two-year-old Lucas whose family use the service to help him relax and sleep.  

Lucas’s mum, Tanya, said: “At home we continue to use the music therapy Daisy has kindly provided.  

“Lucas now associates this music with time to relax and sleep, it works great! We are extremely grateful for the therapy that has been provided."

Siobhan Castle, lead health play specialist at Ipswich Hospital, said: “Being able to offer music therapy online has provided normality for many of our patients and families.”  

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