Hero dad fights flames to save couple

A HEROIC father today described how he fought his way into a burning car to rescue two people from raging flames.

A HEROIC father today described how he fought his way into a burning car to rescue two people from raging flames.

Salim Alleesaib was driving along the A12 when he saw a car collide with a vehicle, which contained Ipswich Town boss Jim Magilton and chairman David Sheepshanks.

A dramatic scene unfolded as the vehicle burst into flames, promoting Mr Alleesaib to spring into action and rescue those trapped inside.

Mr Sheepshanks and Mr Magilton, along with club advisor Charlie Woods and player liaison officer Wolfe Powell, were travelling in a Toyota Land Cruiser on the northbound carriageway near Brentwood when they got caught in traffic.

As it slowed to walking pace, another car collided with their vehicle before bursting into flames.

Mr Alleesaib, a 43-year-old father-of-three who lives in Brentwood, said: “I saw some brake lights on in front of me and slowed down.

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“Then there was a car coming along faster and didn't notice what was happening. It collided with another car, which caused a big impact and then lit up and caught fire.

“I put my hazard lights on and got out of the car and ran over to help. I went to the driver's side first but couldn't open the door so went around to the passenger's side and dragged the driver's wife out first. They were both saying they were in pain but all I could think was that the car was going to go up in any minute.

“I didn't think of the consequences - it was just natural instinct and I wanted them to be safe. I would hope someone would do the same for me if I was in that situation.”

Once Mr Alleesaib, originally from Mauritius, had rescued the pair, they all stood on the hard shoulder and watched as a police officer used an extinguisher to dampen the flames before the rest of the emergency service crews arrived.

He added: “I was in shock later. I was talking about it with my friend and we were saying you never know what is going to happen. It could have been a lot worse.”

Following the accident on April 10, Mr Sheepshanks said: “The car that was in collision with us burst into flames and the real hero of the day was a young guy driving a van who pulled the driver out of the car.

“He possibly saved the driver's life.”

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