High winds sweep in autumnal feel

HIGH winds were expected across Suffolk today as autumn made its mark.

HIGH winds across Suffolk led to Port of Felixstowe being shut around 8.45am today.

Police have said Operation Stack is now in place with lorries being parked up on the old A45 to Felixstowe which runs past Nacton, until it is safe for cranes and other equipment on the docks to be used.

Coastguards were also bracing themselves for rough seas amid reports storm force 10 gusts, reaching 60-70mph, were destined to hit.

Last night, more than half-an-inch of rain fell in some areas - as much as in the whole of August, the driest on record for the last 20 years.

The outlook will be changeable over the next few days, but temperatures are expected to remain at around 21C.

Evening Star weatherman Ken Blowers said: “There's an autumnal feel to the weather. There was over half-an-inch of rain in places overnight and today it is going to be very windy.

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“A south to south-westerly gale will get up to 35-40mph with occasional gusts up to 40-50mph particularly near the coast.”

Mr Blowers said the change had been caused by a depression which had moved across the mainland to the North Sea.

It is in stark contrast to last month, which amazed Mr Blowers with the lack of rainfall.

He said: “August was one of the few months that I have got over the last 60 years where the temperatures were above average for every day except two.

“There was very little rain - just under half-an-inch which is a quarter of the average.”