We are not amoo-sed! Grumpy-looking Highand cows pictured in the snow

Highland cow in the snow at Alton Water

A 'moo-dy' Highland cow in the snow at Alton Water - Credit: John Boyle

These moo-dy Highland cows don’t look like they are too pleased to see snow – after being snapped in chilly temperatures at Alton Water. 

Highland cow in the snow at Alton Water

A slightly wet Highland cow at Alton Water in Suffolk after snow fell on Saturday - Credit: John Boyle

Wildlife photographer John Boyle had planned to fly to Poland this week to photograph European bison in the snow. 

With the third national coronavirus lockdown, that trip was obviously cancelled – but an unexpected alternative presented itself when much of Suffolk saw a covering of the white stuff on Saturday. 

Highland cows in the snow at Alton Water

Highland cows at Alton Water could not escape snowy Saturday - Credit: John Boyle

Heading out for his daily exercise at Alton Water, which is near his home, Mr Boyle’s images appear to show the cows none too pleased as the cold temperatures and wet weather left them a little soggy. 

They didn’t have to endure it for too long, however – temperatures rose to around 5C and much of the snow began to melt. 

Highland cows in the snow at Alton Water, Suffolk

Highland cows at Alton Water after snow fell across Suffolk - Credit: John Boyle

Elsewhere in Suffolk, children enjoyed sledging on the slopes in parks and gardens and managed to build some impressive snowmen

Highland cows in the snow at Alton Water

The Highland cows were not amoo-sed by the snow - Credit: John Boyle

Mr Boyle has photographed many wonderful nature sights around Suffolk, including birds going in for the kill at Lackford Lakes and mad March hares in the spring.

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