Homeless cats need a place to stay

THUNDER, lightning, and heavy rain did not stop a heartless pet owner from dumping their cat in the cold.

THUNDER, lightning, and heavy rain did not stop a heartless pet owner from dumping their cat in the cold.

The abandoned moggy was left outside the Ipswich Cats Protection shop in Bramford Lane, Ipswich earlier this month.

A passer by discovered the black female puss in a basket several hours after the shop had closed for the day.

Today, bosses urged a would-be cat owner to come forward to offer the moggy a home.

Judy Mills, Ipswich Cats Protection co-ordinator, said: “The weather was dreadful at the time. In fact just after the cat was picked up, we had a very heavy storm, so heaven knows what state the cat would have been in after that.”

The cat, which has been named 'Annie' because of her orphaned status, is about five-years-old and is currently living with cat foster carer, Pat Kettle.

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Mrs Kettle said: “We always have a waiting list but to just dump a cat like that, where anyone could have picked her up, is very irresponsible. She could have been out there all night.”

Mrs Kettle is also looking for a caring home for other cats as she struggles to cope with the influx of abandoned animals. She currently has more than 20 cats in her care.

Two cats in special need of finding new owners are Gizmo and Boris.

Gizmo is known as a “Senior Catizen” because he is more than ten-years-old and the charity will fund any expensive vet bills that may arise due to his age.

Judy Mills, co-ordinator of Ipswich Cats Protection, said: “Gizmo is 13 and is cream shorthaired and a very quiet, placid boy who would love a home as an only cat with a garden to investigate.”

Boris is a striking brown Bengal tabby male who is two-years-old and was taken in as a stray from the Nacton area.

For more information on Gizmo, Boris and Annie contact fosterer, Pat Kettle, on 01728 747115.

To find out more about Ipswich Cats Protection call Judy Mills on 01473 690084.

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