House for sale - car for free

MANY homes offer en suites, top of the range kitchens, new bathrooms, large gardens, but this one comes with something a little bit different - an MG sports car.

MANY homes offer en suites, top of the range kitchens, new bathrooms, large gardens, but this one comes with something a little bit different - an MG sports car.

Builder Brendan Boyle is hoping the attraction of a swish midnight blue convertible will be the right incentive to bring forward a buyer for the two-bed bungalow.

Mr Boyle, of Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe, said: “I have been trying to sell the bungalow for a year and nothing has been happening - contrary to what the estate agents and reports all seem to say about the demand for homes, the market just appears to be dead.

“It's in a lovely location, nice and quiet, and I built it with the original aim that it might be suitable for someone who is down-sizing.

“I have had it with three different agents but there has been a complete lack of interest, which has been very surprising. Now I am throwing in the MG as a gimmick to try and shift it.”

Mr Boyle bought the plot of land in Burnt House Lane, Kirton, two years ago and it took a year to build the bungalow. He put it on the market in January last year but despite the best efforts of Diamond Mills, Hawkins and Wainwrights, and dropping the price a few times, has not had one offer.

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He said: “We have had a few people look at it but not one offer, which is quite surprising, quite remarkable - I thought we would have at least a silly offer by now, someone trying it on.

“It has been very frustrating.”

The R-reg MG F convertible 1.8l is worth around £3,500.

Mr Boyle said: “It has done about 55,000 miles and I was thinking of selling it and then thought why not give it away free with the bungalow. It might entice someone.”

Mr Boyle, 37, who is married to Melanie, and has two sons, Luke, 16, and Brendan, 14 - feels the property's rural location might be what is putting off buyers.

It is on the market for £209,950.


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FastFacts: Selling points

Many house sellers in New Zealand will throw in the family cars as part of the sale. It's not unusual to find people leaving top of the range models as families move from one home to another.

In Europe, it is still fairly common when you buy a property to get all the previous owner's furniture, too, whether you like their taste or not.

Stockbroker Leven Brown surprised his friends in Edinburgh when he put his whole house and possessions up for sale - and then took off on a 4,000mile charity solo row across the Atlantic.

One of the more unusual properties up for sale in Europe at the moment comes with some unexplained blood stains. Bran Castle in Transylvania, once the home of Vlad the Impaler, who inspired Bram Stoker's Count Dracula, is on the market for £40m.

Homes are also often sold with ghosts as extras and many agents believe a haunted house will sell for more than those without night-time attractions.

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