A former nursing home with views over Christchurch Park has been earmarked for development into three residential dwellings.

Three four-bedroom homes are proposed for the former Thornbank nursing home, which is situated on the junction between Westerfield Road and Parkside Avenue.

Part of the building will be demolished, with the two-storeys to the rear described as “of poor design without architectural merit”.

The proposals aim to respect the existing frontage of the home, with new landscaping and upgrades to the entrance, while improving the property at the back to ensure “a better standard of living”.

Ben Reay, from Last and Tricker architectural services, who wrote the proposals on behalf of Chapel Homes, said: “The demolitions, alterations and extensions will enhance the appearance of the buildings on the application site.

“The social benefits of providing three new dwellings and encouraging the occupation of the buildings in a sustainable location far outweigh any perceived harm.

“The former nursing home has relocated and therefore employment opportunities have not been lost.”

Thornbank residents were relocated to Henley House when that facility was completed in autumn 2020.

A separate application has been submitted to build two additional homes in the rear garden of the same property.