Ipswich families experiencing mould and unable to heat their homes have been pledged action by their landlord.

One of the largest housing associations in the country, Sanctuary Housing, has come under fire from its Ipswich-based tenants.

Mum-of-three children, Tayla Williams, has been with the housing association for five years and claims to have faced a host of problems.

After her ceiling collapsed in 2017, Sanctuary moved Ms Williams to a hotel with her children until it was repaired - 12 weeks later.

Ipswich Star: An example of mould at Tayla Williams' homeAn example of mould at Tayla Williams' home (Image: Tayla Williams)

The tenant has had a recent mould problem and tried to combat it by putting her furniture in the centre of the room and keep her house warm, which has increased her heating bills.

Ms Williams added: "They just fob you off the whole time.

"It's just stressful and not a way to live. My carpet has been cut up because of the mould as I can't keep washing the carpet.

"People don't have to cut up a carpet. It's not normal.

"My blankets, bedding, clothes and shoes need to be thrown out. It's so stressful."

Ipswich Star: Mould by a plug at Ipswich residents home Tayla WilliamsMould by a plug at Ipswich residents home Tayla Williams (Image: Tayla Williams)

But Sanctuary claims it has not received any communication.

A spokesman for the company said: "While we were not aware of recent concerns about mould in her home, we will now arrange an appointment to assess the situation and establish any work that is needed.”

Charles Chatfield, who lives near Bourne Park, claims to have had problems since moving in December 2019, which involve an unstable ceiling and heating issues that keep coming back.

He feels let down by the housing association after waiting for contractors to turn up while he has "up and down" heating issues.

"I am at the point of having a total meltdown simply because nothing ever gets done, always cutting corners and whenever I asked for help I just get fobbed off or ignored," Mr Chatfield said.

A spokesman for Sanctuary said: “We are undertaking an upgrade programme to install gas central heating in our properties on Mr Chatfield’s street and his home is included as part of this project.

"Our local team will be speaking to Mr Chatfield about the planned upgrade and we will also ensure the additional work needed to finish the ceiling repairs is completed as soon as possible.”