Healthcare, congestion and the loss of identity are among the concerns raised against plans for a 114-homes development off Bramford Road.

Bramford Parish Council has led concerns against the proposals submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council on behalf of Suffolk County Council (SCC) which could see up to 114 dwellings built on 10 hectares of land.

Also included is a new crossing on Bramford Road, a dedicated off-road footpath/cycle route and a play area with landscaped open space.

But with other developments in the works, including to the south near Clarice House Leisure Site and west at Bypass Nurseries, some residents have concerns.

Ipswich Star: An illustrative layout for what Suffolk County Council's 114-home Bramford development could look likeAn illustrative layout for what Suffolk County Council's 114-home Bramford development could look like (Image: Suffolk County Council)

Simon Coulson, councillor on Bramford Parish Council, said: "There are a number of other nearby developments approved -- but not yet built - and the village already can't cope in a few ways.

"As more developments are agreed and built, the more we become another suburb of Ipswich. We shouldn't merge and lose any of Bramford's identity.

"There's also already massive congestion and the corner near The Gables is an accident hotspot. A bus shelter was destroyed in a crash recently and a wall has been crashed into too.

"But most important for us is the healthcare deficit already being seen in the area. The Barham and Claydon surgery closed recently and so existing residents are being sent further afield to see a doctor.

"With the planning approved for other large developments, adding more could be a real strain on the services."

He also added that the parish council was concerned about the loss of green space and suggested brownfield developments should be prioritised in line with the government's planning policy framework.

Some of the objections are shared by Sproughton Parish Council.

When the consultation began in June, strategic housing lead at SCC Duncan Johnson said: "We are looking at a significant environmental consideration where we want low carbon heating, low energy consumption, and the way we are trying to develop that site to support development in Bramford.

"While there may very well be a situation that the ideal position may be that people don't want any development, the reality is development is happening and we are trying to make sure our contribution is positive, and environmentally positive."