'Last opportunity' - revised application for three homes in Ipswich

An application has been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council for three new dwellings

An application has been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council for three new dwellings to be built at the site of 42 Belvedere Road. - Credit: Google Maps

A revised application to build three new homes in north east Ipswich has been submitted – after a similar one was turned down by Ipswich Borough Council last year. 

The Belvedere Road development proposes one detached house facing onto the road, with a pair of semi-detached homes to the rear of the site.

Each house would have three bedrooms. 

The council has previously turned down a similar application in May last year. 

In its response at the time, the council said: “The harmful effects of the development demonstrably outweigh the benefit of the delivery of three dwellings on a windfall site.” 

“The proposals would threaten [the] balance of development and green amenity space - the intensification of use would rob the front gardens of greenery in order to create parking and create a linear infill group.” 

The council also objected to the housing design, which it described as “very plain,” and lacking in the “distinctive detail” present at the front of the existing building. 

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Other concerns were raised by the council, including the lack of a visitor parking space, the fact that four parallel spaces had been proposed without details how they would affect road safety, and that a bedroom and one of the dwelling’s gardens fell short of the minimum space required. 

A new planning statement submitted by JT Hancock and Associates Ltd seeks to resolve these concerns.  

it said designs had been modified, so the size of the bedroom and garden now comply with regulations.  

Features have been added to ensure the dwellings were in keeping with the street’s character, including a chimney and a ground floor bay window. 

A visitor parking space has also been added and a traffic report carried out, which found that “the proposed new dwellings will have no detrimental effect on road safety for either users of the improved vehicular access or the public highway”. 

The planning statement concluded: “We are of the view that the proposed development does not create any precedent for “linear infill” within Belvedere Road, indeed the site appears to be the last opportunity within the street for this type of development. 

Ipswich Borough Council will make its decision in due course.