Detailed plans for 'unique' Ipswich care village to be discussed

Mac Khan

Mac Khan is looking to expand Westerfield Residential Care Home on Humber Doucy Lane - Credit: David Vincent

Further discussions around how a 'unique' Ipswich care village will look will go before the borough council next week.

Mac Khan, who owns Westerfield Residential Care Home, on Humber Doucy Lane, is looking to expand the site to both increase capacity and upgrade facilities.

Outline planning permission was approved in April, with more detailed plans about the proposal going back to the council next week in relation to the care village's appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.

The plans will provide up to 147 assisted living/extra care units, alongside a modern central community hub. 

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Mr Khan said: "This is unique and is unlike anything we currently have in Ipswich. 

"What we're trying to do is bring the community together and offer modern facilities and greater choice to elderly residents when they reach retirement age."

Drawing of plans

Should the proposal be approved, up to 147 assisted living/extra care units will be established, alongside a modern central community hub - Credit: KLH Architects

Westerfield House is a Grade II listed building and currently provides assistance to those needing extensive care. 

The fresh proposals would expand capacity to include accommodation for people requiring minimal care, with development facilitating the continuum of care on the overall site while also offering care village residents the option of moving into the existing nursing home as required.

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There would also be two associated staff dwellings. 

Mr Khan believes this would facilitate permanent residence on the site, while also enabling a strong community to be forged. 

Interconnected living blocks would be based around the central community hub, which would boast facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, hair salon, restaurant and cinema.

The quarters would be a mix of standard flats and larger flats, but would all be one bedroom two person flat. 

Each would be linked by pathways through landscaped gardens and include physiotherapy, staff bedsits and offices. 

Artist impression of the proposed community hub

The central community hub would boast facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, hair salon, restaurant and cinema - Credit: KLH Architects

In terms of parking, there would be space for 125 cars, including existing spaces, and 40 cycles. 

Mr Khan said: "We originally purchased the building when it was neglected and derelict. 

"But I thought we could bring it back into use.

"In order to protect it for the future, we think it is vital to expand, and this care village will both support it and create a variety of options for residents."

The application is due to be discussed on Wednesday, July 27.