School submits plan to turn site into 7 homes

The Meadows Montessori School is looking for new premises

The Meadows Montessori School is looking for new premises, and has submitted an application to build seven new homes on its existing site at 32 Larchcroft Road. - Credit: Google Maps

A school in Ipswich has begun the hunt for new premises, after submitting an application to turn its current site into seven new homes. 

Ipswich Borough Council has received an application to demolish the buildings at 32 Larchcroft Road, which is the current site of the Meadows Montessori School.  

The application proposes building seven new homes on the site, four of them two-bedroom, and the remaining three with three bedrooms each. 

Headteacher Sam Sims of the Meadows Montessori Primary School in Ipswich

Sam Sims is the headteacher of the Meadows Montessori Primary School in Ipswich. - Credit: Simon Parker

Headteacher and proprietor Sam Sims said that there are no immediate plans for the school to move premises, since approved planning applications are valid for three years. 

She confirmed that the school is looking for a larger site, somewhere rural, but still within the confines of Ipswich.  

“We’re flourishing, which means that we need more space,” she explained.  

“We’re a school that does education a little bit differently, and I definitely think parents are looking for something a bit different right now. We are growing by the term. 

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“We really value the outside, which is why we want to be somewhere where our children can have access to being in an outdoor environment all the time.” 

She added that since the school has expanded to admit high school aged students, it would be ideal to have premises large enough for both the primary and secondary parts of the school to grow together.