'My life is hard enough' - Suffolk disabled dad struggles to repair home

James Bevan from Shotley Gate

James Bevan from Shotley Gate - Credit: James Bevan

A disabled dad from Suffolk who is living with a rare type of cancer is struggling with the cost of repairs to his home. 

James Bevan, from Shotley Gate, thought he had made it with his new home but his illness has brought financial struggles he did not see coming. 

He developed a rare cancer - malignant chondroid syringom - in December 2004 and the cancer has now spread to his skin, lungs and bones.

Seven years ago doctors gave him a bleak prognosis, warning him he had just weeks to live but he continues to defy the odds.

However, each day continues to be a struggle and he his home is not fit for purpose, making it hard to complete day-to-day tasks.

Mr Bevan needs repairs to his toilets, stove and hallway but cannot afford the costs. 

He said: "I'm terminally ill, not knowing if I'll live day to day and my kids need major help.

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"My life is hard enough without all these problems in my life.

"It's also about finding the money for this care."

Mr Bevan is dad to three sons, and is worried about the rising cost of food as well as paying for transport to school.

"That's how depressed all of this has made me," he said. "I'm even more in financial difficulty than ever on top of all this too as I've still had no financial help to the grants."

There are two ways grants are available for people living with disabilities.

You can apply for support for mortgage interest (SMI) if you’re getting government benefits or apply for a disabled facilities grant. 

Home improvement agencies can also provide support. 

Mr Bevan is not alone in struggling to pay day-to-day living costs while being ill. 

Recently, a family from Polstead was evicted after their child became sick

The mum, dad and two girls are living in a hostel while dividing their time between Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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