Detailed plans for Westerfield 'care village' revealed

Westerfield House care home and Mac Khan

Mac Khan is set to build a care village at Westerfield House - Credit: David Vincent

The first detailed plans for the proposed care village to be built in the grounds of a former hotel have been revealed. 

Westerfield House care operator and developer Mohammed Maqsud Khan refinanced in order to build 147 self-contained apartments for assisted living in Humber Doucy Lane - and the recently submitted design and access statement shows his vision for the development.

Architect diagram of the development at Westerfield House

The diagrams of the care village have been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council - Credit: KLH Architects

The proposed layout shows six three-storey blocks of flats, all connected to the community hub building which is expected to house a number of leisure and retail facilities. 

A coffee shop, pool hall, pharmacy, cinema, library, gym and dedicated health centre form part of the floorplans for the community hub, which is intended to be "an exciting space for residents and visitors". 

The proposed layout will be built on an unused football field that lies to the south of the main building, last used when Westerfield House was a school.

Diagrams of the development at Westerfield House

Plans have been submitted to Ipswich Borough Council by Mr Mac Khan - Credit: KLH Architects

The 'care village' concept is new for Ipswich but the planning application notes that other examples within the UK have had "huge benefits" for residents and the wider community, offering independent living with the possibility of extra care if it is required. 

It is hoped that the on-site amenities will encourage a community to grow among residents, with an emphasis on making connections and being inclusive. 

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Two staff units are also included on the plans for development. 

Westerfield House was converted from a hotel into a 31-bedroom care home in 2011, with extensions and upgrades transforming it into a 75-bed residency by 2016. 

The existing care home will be retained, as will the newly-built dementia unit. 

Tree belts along the boundaries will not be affected, but new landscaping and access plans have also been submitted.

An architect impression of the community hub at Westerfield House

The proposed community hub will be the heart of the care village - Credit: KLH Architects

Writing about the benefits of the development, Mr Khan said that the facilities - such as the café and restaurant - would be within walking distance and consequently would "encourage people to come out of their homes and make friends". 

Discussions with health and social care organisations about future partnerships have been occurring, with Mr Khan noting that it's intended that beds will be offered to the NHS and St Elizabeth Hospice to ease pressures.