Hundreds join Blue Cross campaign

Do not close our Blue Cross centre!

FELIXSTOWE: Do not close our Blue Cross centre!

That's the overwhelming cry from the public today - with The Evening Star's Save the Felixstowe Blue Cross campaign getting huge backing from people who have been shocked and hurt by the closure proposals.

We have had a mammoth postbag of petition coupons and letters, plus dozens of e-mails and postings on our website.

And they all have the same message: Leave our centre alone.

People are also pledging to write to Blue Cross chief executive Kim Hamilton at the charity's headquarters in Oxfordshire.

The charity has promised to listen and take into account the public's concerns over the next few weeks before it makes a final decision.

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Supporters say the centre in Walton High Street gives a fantastic service to the community and the staff are first rate.

Every year it re-homes around 400 dogs and cats and there is considerable concern over what will happen to these animals with other rescue charities already overstretched and the next nearest Blue Cross in Cambridge 65 miles away and only dealing with cats.

Felixstowe people have given huge support to the centre over the years - raising more than �11,000 a year with volunteers putting in thousands of man hours to help its work.

Meanwhile, one of the Tory hopefuls to succeed John Gummer as MP for Suffolk Coastal has given her backing to the campaign.

Theresa Coffey said: “I was saddened to read that the Blue Cross animal rescue centre in Walton may be closed.

“I adopted Rizzo, a collie, 18 months ago from the Dogs Trust and she has brought a lot of happiness to the Coffey household.

“I will be writing to Blue Cross headquarters to appeal to them to keep this centre open.”

Add your voice to the campaign - let us know your views on the Blue Cross closure proposals by writing to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN, or e-mail or comment on-line at

Your views - from the web:

If the local people don't support the local Blue Cross we will be missing out on a great asset to our community. I know from personal experience what a wonderful job the staff and volunteers do.

June Durrant

I can't understand the reason for closure. There have been articles in The Evening Star appealing for larger premises for the Blue Cross - preferably with enough land to build stables.

However, I find it very strange that recently, a large development with existing stables has been found - not to be used for its intended purpose - but for, surprise surprise, a housing development and Tesco!

For a change, it would be nice for compassion to win, but that would be too naive of me.

Sheryl Roper, Ipswich

I haven't got any pets but if I did want one, and it would be a dog, this is where I would go. We must keep this centre to keep looking after unwanted pets.

Derek Bigmore

I think it would be a very backward step to close the Blue Cross centre. I am a born and bred Waltonian and have used the centre's services all my life.

As a child we took rabbits to have their claws trimmed, and for the last 14 years we have had a little black cat from the centre. In the past we have also boarded our cat there when this service was available.

The centre enjoys good local support. Hands off our centre, please.

Winnie Mutum

If the Blue Cross centre disappears it will most definitely be the taxpayer who will foot the bill to take care of the 400 dogs/cats a year that are currently taken care of by this wonderful facility and its dedicated, caring staff.

Peter Wilcox