I'll fix it for you this Xmas

JINGLE jangle, how's about that then?Whatever happened to Sir Jimmy Savile? Perhaps all that marathon running took it out of him?

James Marston

JINGLE jangle, how's about that then?

Whatever happened to Sir Jimmy Savile? Perhaps all that marathon running took it out of him?

Anyway dear readers, a thought has occurred to me as I was shake and vaccing my small Felixstowe salon with sea views (distant) at the weekend.

Well it's the only time I get to do a spot of housework, you see, what with the constant celebrity lifestyle I'm almost living and the fact that I leave it all week preferring to lie on the sofa until I have no option but to blitz my surroundings with the duster.

But that's enough of an insight into my fabulous life and now I shall get back to the point.

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I was thinking, you see, that at this time of year what with the credit crunch and Christmas and frosty cars in the morning that make us late for work just when we don't need it, that it's time I, who have risen to the stratospheric levels of not-quite but near as dammit celebrity stardom on the Felixstowe peninsula, that I might like to do something for you.

Now life as a journalist isn't all bad.

Despite what you might see on the television we don't really stalk people, we're never nasty and we rarely have to wear macs and trilbies.

One advantage is the gift to make dreams come true and, rather like Sir Jim, who must now be rather old, I thought I might try to fix it for you.

So this week I am expecting a large number of letters asking me for things.

Of course, I am unlikely to be able to wave a magic wand and stop your mother in law descending on your household for Christmas, I doubt I can even sprinkle enough fairy dust to pay your mortgage, but there are some things I might, just might be able to help with.

For example I have secured tickets for four at this year's pantomime at Ipswich's Regent Theatre.

So if you'd like to go along please drop me a line.

Or if you'd like something else that I might be able to help you with send an epistle and we'll give it a go.

I shall draw a winning name or two out of my trilby.

I have to say I'm quite enjoying these frosty starts to the day aren't you?

When I was a youngster - though I'm barely out of my twenties now - I remember snow and frost and things cold in December. The last few years seem to have been bereft of such wintery scenes.

Still, at 28 plus 5, I get a nefarious thrill then it snows and I don't mind a bit of ice. To be curled up with a Crunchie on your sofa or even better with a pale ale in a pub with a roaring fire while outside is blowing a blizzard is one of life's pleasures.

It's rather reassuring to have a bit of a cold snap when we're meant to have a cold snap isn't it?

It is time for a small confessional.

To be honest I've rather lost interest in Strictly Come Dancing. I started out with good intentions and watched a few but now I think I've become a little bored. I don't know why really. It's strange because it was always a favourite of mine to enjoy while sipping a Saturday evening martini as I get ready to go out and about - I just can't put my finger on it.

NOW don't forget my calendar is available from the website www.eveningstar.co.uk

All about me and handy and free it's the perfect stocking filler isn't it?

Do have a download at your leisure.

James' Mailbag:-

As regular readers will know I do enjoy a nice letter.

This week Peggy Cole, of Melton, a doyenne of all things Suffolk, dropped me a line which contained the promise of some Suffolk rusks - how thoughtful - and a recipe.

Do you enjoy a rusk? Perhaps you have some memories of things Suffolk you'd like to share - feel free to drop me a line.

Dear James

You asked about Suffolk Rusks.

Years ago no Sunday tea table was without the good old Suffolk Rusk. I still make them and will bring you some in. Farm workers had them in their bate tins (lunch boxes). For the Suffolk tea table you always had fruit cake, fruit shortcakes, sponge, Suffolk rusks, all homemade.

In a lot of local flower shows they still have classes for the Suffolk Rusk.

The WI ladies still make them to sell at the country markets. It would not be Suffolk without Suffolk Rusks and (rabbit pie? eaten at Christmas). By the way Suffolk tea time was when we had nice white tablecloth on table with cups and saucers. No mugs.

How many people use tea services today, I wonder.

All the best.


My recipe,

Suffolk Rusks

1lb SR Flour

Good pinch salt

6ozs fat (3ozs lard, 3ozs margarine)

2 eggs

Little milk to mix


Rub fats into flour and salt then with beaten eggs mix to smooth dough. Roll out to one inch thickness and cut into rounds, about two inches. Bake in 450F for about 12 minutes. Remove from oven. Open each rusk with fork, lay on baking tray and put in oven for further 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. When cold spread with butter or cheese. They are delicious.