I'm booze free - in spirit!

AS regular readers will know I pledged a booze free weekend last week.Well, as my musician friend Philip, who lives in London and plays the piano, said "as if".

AS regular readers will know I pledged a booze free weekend last week.

Well, as my musician friend Philip, who lives in London and plays the piano, said "as if".

His cynicism was well grounded it seems.

On Saturday evening I popped into an Ipswich watering hole with my tall and glamorous friend Lucia for several chilled Chenins and then another one.

It was nearly 2am by the time I finally stopped talking about myself and toddled off to bed. Thankfully, due to a number of well-timed glasses of water, I managed to avoid a hangover and felt fine when I finally woke up the next day.

I'm enjoying these no drinking weekends.

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Of course, what I haven't told you is that I was in celebratory mood.

Earlier in the week, along with colleagues Jon, Rebecca and Paul I'd been to the Mayor's charity quiz you see.

At the Mayor's quiz we had a reputation to uphold - we were defending our title after we won last year.

Never one for sporty pursuits, it is only at a quiz that my competitive edge comes to the fore.

I like to win.

The questions weren't that easy either. But here's a few we knew, or thought we knew

What was the name of the man who owned the house in the game Cluedo? - Dr Black

What nationality was Houdini? - Hungarian, or was it Italian?

Who was the English King whose Queen was the portrait for the Queen of Spades? - Henry VII

Which Royal once appeared as herself in The Archers? Princess Margaret

See, not easy are they?

To be honest, Paul was really the team member who had all the answers, I enjoyed a couple of cherry vodka drinks and often found answers were on the tip of my tongue if only I knew them.

Anyway it was an exciting evening which included a raffle, and it was by no means clear who would win.

The buffet had been served, a couple of drinks drunk and by 10pm we were within a whisker of victory but not leading the leader board.

As the tension became unbearable - I broke the ice by muttering a thought a-loud

"I could murder a piece of cheesecake, couldn't you?"

It did the trick. Mark (or was it Mike) the announcer announced the Star Scribes had taken a late lead and snatched victory in the final round.

And today, dear readers, the shimmering silver of The Croydon's Trophy is gracing my upright in my Felixstowe salon.

I've never had a trophy before either, not for anything, ever.

On March 4 1665 - English King Charles II declared war on The Netherlands which marked the start of the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

Naturally, and I'm sure you'll agree, to be born English is to win the lottery of life.

What better country to call home than this green and pleasant land.

A land of consideration, dignified behaviour and charm.

Unlike Ireland where they are clearly crazy.

This rather fascinating image is of a Father Ted celebration in the Emerald Isle's Aran Islands

According to my sources: “Despite bad weather and high winds, hundreds descended on the island for a weekend of fun and frolics in honour of the cult TV show Father Ted celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.”

Funny isn't it? No wonder the Irish aren't taken too seriously on the global stage.

Hasn't Prince Harry done well?

Heading off to war and doing all those solider things is certainly something I wouldn't like to do - and he's not even doing for the money is he? Just to serve Queen and country. I admire him.

I suspect he's a bit angry his tour of duty was cut short though I imagine there are a few fashionable London nightspots that are breathing a sigh of relief.

Anyway wasn't his homecoming interesting? Did you notice his hair?

Ever so thick it was, and quite long. I thought soldiers were meant to have short cropped hair but not him - lucky Harry he's not only a hero, he's a hero with hair, I do envy him.

Don't fancy the look of his lunch though do you? It's boil in the bag apparently.

Gosh, hasn't there been a lot of fuss about this French actress Marion Cotillard or whatever she's called.

From what I can gather she made a few rather strange comments in an interview a year ago and now everyone's up in arms.

It seems her views on subjects far removed from what frock to wear at the next awards ceremony or which gym to use are taken seriously.

She's only an actress, an entertainer not a politician. I don't see why people like her are listened to at all.

Though that doesn't apply to me of course.

Have you had a spring clean?

My Felixstowe apartment with sea views (distant) is looking spick and span.

On Sunday from Desert Island Discs to Just a Minute right through to Gardener's Question Time I was engaged polishing and dusting and even forgot to smoke.

After my exertions I popped on to my balcony, with sea views (even more distant), and planted some lily of the valley in a couple of pots. But have I done the right thing? I'm no Monty Don and know next to nothing about gardening? Do you know? Will my plants grow? Help!