Death of 53-year-old Ipswich man unexplained, inquest concludes

The Coroners Court at Beacon House, White House Road, Ipswich

The Coroners Court at Beacon House, White House Road, Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Mystery surrounds the death of a 53-year-old man whose body was discovered in the bath of his home in Ipswich.

Michael Williams, of Shaftsbury Avenue, was found dead on March 12 this year having last been seen by his brother on January 29.

An inquest on Monday heard a pathologist had been unable to ascertain the cause of Mr William’s death or even the time when he died.

Assistant coroner Dr Dan Sharpstone said a receipt for food shopping had been found at his home dated February 28, which had narrowed down the time he passed away to a two week window.

Dr Sharpstone said Mr Williams had not suffered a head injury as one may expect from a fall or water in the lungs, which would suggest drowning.

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Mr William’s family, who attended the inquest, questioned how it was possible for the cause of death not to be found with today’s technology.

Dr Sharpstone said a possible cause may be Sudden Adult Death syndrome, but that the term is more of a description rather than a cause of death.

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He gave an open conclusion to the inquest

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