Ipswich: Alleged rape victim to appear on This Morning

FOUR years after she was allegedly raped, Anita Grinham is today preparing to go on ITV’s This Morning to tell her story.

The 37-year-old will appear on the daytime show following a series of Star exclusives outlining her anger at Suffolk police’s mis-handling of her case.

Miss Grinham told the Star she was made to feel like a liar when she told officers she had been raped on a night out in Ipswich in 2008.

She complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and was informed in May 2010 that Suffolk Constabulary’s professional standards department would review the handling of the investigation.

That investigation revealed a series of failings – forensic opportunities were missed, witnesses were not interviewed correctly, searches of the suspect’s home and car were not carried out and the officer in charge of the case had no specific training in handling investigations of sexual offences.

Not satisfied with the force’s internal investigation, Ms Grinham reported her concerns to the IPCC. That appeal was upheld at the start of April.

Miss Grinham said: “It has taken this long to be heard, I have spent four years fighting for my voice to be heard. That on top of what I had to endure.

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“I am left knowing I was raped and no one will ever be brought to justice.

“I just hope people out there who have gone through something similar will feel they are not alone. I just hope my four-year fight has changed things for other women.”

- See tomorrow’s Star for the full story