Ipswich: Another giant egg - can you beat this one?

IPSWICH: It’s another cracking exclusive – we can today reveal that yet another giant egg has been laid by a chicken in Ipswich.

This time the egg weighs in at an impressive four and three-quarter ounces – double the weight of an average one.

It was laid by a hen belonging to Phil Sims at his allotment in Bramford Lane last week.

Mr Sims, 62, of Springfield Lane, said: “I’ve kept nine chickens at the allotment since June and they’ve always been very happy birds.

“They each lay on a regular basis but I’ve never seen an egg as big as this one. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it.

“My wife and I haven’t yet decided what we’re going to do with it. At the moment it’s in an egg box while we make our minds up.

“I know there have been a few stories this year about chickens laying giant eggs – maybe there’s something in the water.”

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In February, Mark Cornish, of Temple Road, Ipswich, was astonished when his chicken Matilda laid an egg which was six times heavier than normal. It was 90mm long, had a circumference of 210mm and weighed in at 120grams. It was thought the egg could be the biggest in the world.

Just a month later, Chrissy Butler, of Henniker Road, Ipswich, was left shell-shocked when her hen Liberty produced a tiny egg which was a contender for the world’s smallest.

In September, four-year-old Courtney Culf and TJ Haworth found an egg on their farm in Aldeburgh, which measured 8in in circumference.

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