Ipswich: Bishop’s Hill traffic lights proposal dropped after outcry over latest phase of the Travel Ipswich project

There were fears that more traffic lights could increase congestion on Bishop's Hilll.

There were fears that more traffic lights could increase congestion on Bishop's Hilll. - Credit: Archant

Controversial proposals to install traffic lights at the top of Bishop’s Hill in Ipswich have been dropped.

At the same time, plans to widen the pavements at the junction between Norwich Road and Chevallier Street and install a new Toucan crossing on Norwich Road are to go ahead.

The double mini roundabout will remain in place.

Traffic lights will be installed in Woodbridge Road at Argyle Street, as planned.

The decisions have been made following three public consultations which ended on Monday, February 10. The consultations were held as part of the town-wide Travel Ipswich improvement scheme. In addition to a widely available online survey on the Travel Ipswich website, a public exhibition was held in the Tower Ramparts shopping centre and 1,700 households were individually written to.

Graham Newman, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for transport said: “We wanted to hear what people thought about these proposals which is why we launched three consultations.

“In the case of Felixstowe Road and Nacton Road, we of course proposed these signals as a way of helping to manage traffic flow across the wider road network.

“Now we’ve had time to consider the responses, it’s very clear to us that there is no public appetite for changes to the Felixstowe Road and Nacton Road junction.

“We won’t therefore be going ahead with those proposals. We will however be monitoring the situation to see if leaving the junction as it is has a detrimental effect on traffic management.

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“We will be progressing with works on the other junctions because they are pivotal to the Travel Ipswich programme and we can see clear benefits in terms of managing traffic flow into the town centre. We also received very few negative comments on these proposals.

“With the continuing population increase in Ipswich, as well as the growth that is forecast in years to come, it’s vital that we better manage vehicle movements in and around the town centre.”