Ipswich: Brave George can fly out to clinic thanks to charity ball

A brave boy who suffers from a severe disability is today hoping specialist treatment abroad will transform his life.

Eight-year-old George Hutchings, who has severe quadriplegic celebral palsy, will fly to Hungary tomorrow for intensive physiotherapy treatment to help his movement.

George’s trip to the world-renowned Peto Institute, in Budapest, was made possible thanks to �3,877 being raised at a special charity ball at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre, in Ipswich, recently.

His mother Anna, 39, of Ravenswood Avenue, Ipswich, said: “George’s condition means he will never be able to lead a completely normal life.

“He is wheelchair-bound and unable to move parts of his body. But through physiotherapy he can stretch out and gain awareness of his body through stimulation.

“At the institute I can join in exercise classes and get him to move to music which he loves. He is also taught to sit unaided, eat and crawl.

“He may never be able to walk but the treatment can make him stronger and more independent. He is learning to crawl and making progress.

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“There will be a stage when his treatment reaches a plateau and his condition can’t improve further. But until that time, I want to give George the best chance to lead as normal a life as possible.”

George, a pupil at the Thomas Wolsey Special School, has been visiting the institute annually since 2007 and undergoes a seven-week programme of treatment.

The venue treats youngsters with disabilities from across the globe and has facilities for their families to stay on site.

Mrs Hutchings added: “I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world quite like it. I look forward to meeting other parents there and sharing experiences.

“We raised a record amount at the ball and we are very grateful for all the donations – they have helped to fund the treatment.

“George’s work at the Peto Institute has already made an enormous difference to his life – he is happier, more confident and flexible.

“Sometimes I get exhausted and stressed out but then I think that my problems are nothing compared to George’s.”