Ipswich: Brazilian Olympic squad set to arrive in town today

THE red carpet will be rolled out today for the arrival of the Brazilian Olympic gymnastics team.

The team and its coaches arrive in the country to start training for the 2012 Games.

Arriving in the UK at 3.30pm, the team will be collected in white and pink limousines.

Andy Wood, head coach at Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club – the venue chosen by the Brazilian team last year, said: “After the limos drop them at the Holiday Inn Orwell, at the Havens, a Brazilian band will perform and there will be a small welcoming party.

“Then tomorrow, there will be a civic welcoming and they gymnasts and coaches will attend an event at the town hall with the mayor.

“We just wanted to really welcome them to Ipswich as best as we could. It’s all very exciting.”

The team opted to train at the Brazier’s Wood Road facility because of its high standard equipment.