Ipswich: Brewery is a big boost to the quay

quayside: A micro brewery could be built on the site of a former bank, the Evening Star can exclusively reveal.

The Old Lloyds Bank site, situated on Fore Street and on the site of Isaacs on the Quay, is set to undergo a transformation worth several hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The site, which has been derelict for several years, will be converted into a micro brewery, bar and roof terrace.

The planning application was recently submitted to Ipswich Borough Council by Aidan Coughlin – owner of Isaacs.

The development, which comes as a massive boost to the area, will see the bar brewing a range of beers and ales on site.

Tanya Hart, spokeswoman for Isaacs, told the Evening Star that the new venue would be named the Wolsey Gate Brewery, in honour of Ipswich’s greatest son.

She said: “It is a very exciting time for Isaacs.

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“The name of the brewery is in honour of Cardinal Wolsey and the Gate, which is located nearby. We envisage that the brewery will be a landmark site and a gateway to the quayside.”

She explained that the concept of the design was to provide a building that contrasts with the Merchant House, with the main structure of the former bank being the brewery’s backbone.

Set to employ five full-time members of staff and 20 part-time workers, the bar will be completed by solar panelled roofing.

Ms Hart said amongst several ideas to ensure the site is “green”, the waste from the hop would be used in animal feed.

The Isaac Lord group of buildings, which date back to the 15th century and were previously owned by Isaac Lord, are a unique feature of the town.

Mr Coughlin has also developed other areas of the site, including the machinery room, which will be used in the brewing process, and the Merchant House – currently being transformed into an exclusive bed and breakfast.

James Young, Waterfront manager for the borough council, said that the venture would attract more visitors to the area.