Ipswich: Bus passengers say they have been left stranded after cuts to services

PASSENGERS say they have been left “marooned” at weekends after their bus timetable was changed.

Bus pass holder Rosemary Burrows is fuming that First has cut the 88 service from Ipswich to Felixstowe on Sundays.

The 77-year-old, of Spring Road, said: “We’ve had our bus services altered and now we don’t have a bus of any sort on a Sunday.

“We are absolutely marooned.”

“Now if we want to go to Felixstowe we have to get ourselves a taxi up to Ipswich Hospital and then get a bus from there to Felixstowe.

“It makes it all very expensive having to get a taxi as well.

“It’s bad enough now but waiting at Ipswich Hospital when there’s no real shelter in the winter is just beyond a joke.”

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Mrs Burrows, who is a member of the Viaduct Social Club in Spring Road, added: “All of the people at the club are aged from 55 and there are only three of us who have cars. The rest of us have to rely on public transport. We’re stuck in Ipswich and can’t get out.”

Mrs Burrows said she cannot understand why Woodbridge Road is served by five buses on a Sunday and Spring Road has nothing.

A First spokesman said: “This is not the first comment we have received regarding the new 88 timetable and this will be addressed as a matter of priority when services are reviewed shortly.

“We thank every passenger for their feedback as these comments are passed directly to our commercial team to address where possible.”