Ipswich: Campaigners call for help to save library

IPSWICH: Worried campaigners today urged the public to throw their weight behind a bid to save an Ipswich library.

The call comes after Suffolk County Council said it can no longer afford to run 29 of its 44 libraries as it bids to make more than �2million savings.

A group of campaigners are hoping to form a friends group to help save Westbourne Library from closure and have arranged a meeting for the public to discuss its future this Friday.

Councillor Inga Lockington has arranged the meeting for 7pm at the library in Sherrington Road, Ipswich.

Library users and members of the community are invited to voice their feelings and offer support on the evening.

Mark Ling, of the The Broomhill Pool Trust, which has campaigned to save the grade II listed lido, said: “We have already begun to explore the financial data to try to build the real picture on the library’s viability.

“We have, however, been disappointed that to date, there have been no visible signs of willing from the local community to play their part.

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“We are concerned about the local area but glad Councillor Lockington is looking to find some solutions.

“People from the local community are encouraged to form a friends group and try to find a way forward.”

With the council hoping to cut around 30 percent from its service budget, Mr Ling hopes a friends group can help make up the lost funding and save the library from closure.

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