Ipswich: Chaos in Cliff Lane prompts livid residents to call for a crackdown on thoughtless motorists

There was traffic chaos in Cliff Lane in Ipswich today due to an event in Holywells Park. The road w

There was traffic chaos in Cliff Lane in Ipswich today due to an event in Holywells Park. The road was lined with cars causing jams. - Credit: Archant

Thoughtless families have been blasted by people living close to an Ipswich park after chaos descended and cars were left abandoned in inappropriate spaces – prompting calls for a clampdown on illegal parking.

The mayhem ensued today as families flocked to a regular Wednesday fun day at Holywells Park.

But householders were left battling their way through the congestion while buses were forced to turn around unable to make it through the tight spaces.

Stephen Medley, who lives in Dereham Avenue, off Cliff Lane, said the problems arise every Wednesday. He said: “It’s great that the park is being restored, but it’s a nightmare when there are these special days.

“There are cars parked all over the place, totally illegally. They’re parked at junctions, blocking buses – generally it is a nightmare.”

Denise Bloomfield, of nearby Severn Road, added: “My daughter was driving into our drive and got a mouthful from a woman who had parked right by the entrance because her children were playing in our drive.

“The council must do something about this – we keep hearing about how great things are at the park, but it is ridiculous that the council is planning to close the car park at Holywells Park.”

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Local councillor George Debman said he is angry about the problems. He said time-restricted parking spaces were filled by cars parking for an entire morning and added that buses had struggled to make their way along Cliff Lane.

Borough councillor with responsibility for parks, Bryony Rudkin, was delighted that the park was being well-used, but she said the council were trying to persuade visitors to use other entrances.

“We are also looking at ways of encouraging visitors to Holywells Park to use public transport or other methods to get here.”

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