Ipswich childrens’ nursery arsonist flees crown court before his sentencing

Ipswich Crown Court.

Ipswich Crown Court. - Credit: Archant

A man due to be sentenced for an arson at an Ipswich nursery which caused thousands of pounds worth of damage fled from court before his sentencing.

Darren Grimwood, of Bishop’s Hill, Ipswich, had brought his bags to Ipswich Crown Court after being warned he could face prison.

However, after the 29-year-old went to the toilet he abandoned them with relatives and was last seen disappearing towards the docks before his case was called yesterday afternoon.

When told Grimwood was no longer in the court building Judge Rupert Overbury said to Grimwood’s solicitor Neil Saunders: “I understand he was here a moment ago, but was last seen hot-footing it up the street.”

The court was told Grimwood went to the toilet and then said he ‘just wanted to go’.

Judge Overbury issued a warrant for Grimwood’s arrest.

Grimwood previously admitted two arsons on March 16 in Hogarth Road, Ipswich. One was at Little Learners’ Nursery, the other at Ipswich Furniture Project.

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Four double glazed windows at the nursery were blown out and there was structural damage to a rear wall.

Grimwood was also due to be sentenced for theft from a motor vehicle on March 16.