Ipswich: Clear vision that puts town in pole position for revival as Masterplan revealed

IPSWICH: The town centre could become one of the top destinations in the region once the country emerges from the economic doldrums.

That’s the verdict from the group charged with promoting Ipswich as its new masterplan is shown off in detail to the public for the first time.

Paul Clement, head of Ipswich Central, which has just won a second term running the town’s Business Improvement District (BID), said it was vital for the town to have a clear vision of the future.

He said: “Once confidence returns to the economy towns and cities like Ipswich which have a clear vision for the future, will be able to bring in millions of new investment and really take off.

“There will be two types of centres – those with a vision for the future and those without. Those with a vision should be able to attract the investment.”

Ipswich Central has worked with the borough to draw up a masterplan for the town centre which sees the development of a north-south axis stretching from Tower Ramparts and Crown Street to the Waterfront.

This would see the creation of new shops, restaurants, and cafes to encourage people to walk the short distance between the water and the traditional town centre.

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Mr Clement added: “People want to come to Ipswich, but they only want to come to the right unit in the right place.

“At present there are nowhere near enough of those units. We have to be in a position so that when confidence returns, Ipswich is ready to take advantage of that.”

Details of the proposals are on show this week at the Tower Ramparts shopping centre at an exhibition sponsored by the borough council.

This will give the public the chance to see what is proposed – and to comment on the suggestions.

MP Ben Gummer urged the public to be positive about the plans.

He said: “I fully agree that there is a great deal of potential here and I am delighted that Ipswich Central see that and that the borough has endorsed it.

“When I bring senior retail managers to Ipswich they see the potential in the town – and I wish that those who sometimes make negative comments could also see that potential.”

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