Ipswich consultant gets highest mark in Europe in specialist surgery exam

Ipswich consultant Arshad Malik was presented with the Lars P�hlman medal at a ceremony in Milan

Ipswich consultant Arshad Malik was presented with the Lars P�hlman medal at a ceremony in Milan - Credit: Archant

A consultant at Ipswich Hospital has achieved the highest marks in Europe in a specialist advanced exam, making him one of the most qualified colorectal surgeons in the country.

Mr Malik with his award

Mr Malik with his award - Credit: Archant

Dr Arshad Malik is the first to receive the Lars Påhlman medal after out-scoring more than 100 surgeons who sat the European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ) in Coloproctology last year.

Mr Malik, who is a consultant laparoscopic colorectal and general surgeon, was presented the accolade during an educational conference in Milan last week attended by thousands of surgeons from all over the globe.

“I was very pleased when I heard I had scored the highest in Europe and the UK, and would partly like to dedicate my award to Ipswich Hospital,” he said.

“I have received excellent support from colleagues throughout. I also hope that this success will further enhance the growing reputation of our department.”

Mr Malik said by working as a team staff were helping Ipswich to become one of the top hospitals in the country for colorectal care.

He said: “I carry out 95% of suitable cancer operations by keyhole surgery compared with a UK average of 40-50%, which means patients can recover more quickly and with fewer complications.

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“We are also bringing in some specialist operations which are only carried out in selected hospitals across the UK, such as minimally invasive procedures for cancer.

“This is great news for our patients as it means they do not have to stay in hospital as long, can recover faster and have less chance of developing infections or other complications.

“It also means that anyone who needs chemotherapy after their surgery can begin their treatment sooner.

“We also receive excellent feedback from our patients, who appreciate the high quality care they can receive in Ipswich without the need to travel to other specialist centres for treatment.”

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