Ipswich: Couple left heartbroken as puppy killed by hit-and-run driver

CHANTRY: A distraught couple today appealed for witnesses after their beloved nine-month-old puppy was killed in a hit and run outside their home.

Aaron Mathias and girlfriend Leah Adams watched in horror as Staffordshire bull terrier Rambo ran into the road and was struck by a passing car.

The vehicle – believed to be a relatively new navy blue Vauxhall Astra – stoped briefly before speeding off.

The accident happened in Birkfield Drive, Chantry, at around 9.45pm on Tuesday.

Mr Mathias said the car sustained damage to the bumper and its support, enough to require repairing.

He believes the vehicle was driving at around 50mph in a 30mph zone.

Mr Mathias said he had just left his flat to take Rambo out for a night walk when the tragedy occurred.

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He was scared of the dark and rain, but Mr Mathias encouraged Rambo to cross the road with him.

“He was only a puppy and got scared easily. He tried to run back home, pulling in the opposite direction,” Mr Mathias said.

The force of Rambo’s pull made the lead drop out of his owner’s grasp, he ran straight into the road and was struck by the car.

“The driver slowed down after a few seconds and realised what had happened. I thought they were going to come and help me but they sped off again,” Mr Mathias said.

“Rambo was bleeding and injured badly.

“He tried to make it to the path but just collapsed right in front of me. There was nothing I could do.”

Rambo was brought into the house, where he died in Miss Adams’s arms.

“He was such a playful, loving dog,” she said. “It’s hard getting used to not having him around now.”

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