Ipswich cyclist Gary Taylor reaches Australia during his around-the-world challenge

Gary Taylor on his travels.

Gary Taylor on his travels. - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich cyclist who is attempting to circumnavigate the globe on his bike has raised more than £4,000 for charity.

Gary, who has also become a part-time beard-grower.

Gary, who has also become a part-time beard-grower. - Credit: Archant

Gary Taylor set off on the 40,000kilometre challenge in February last year and has just got back on the road after a short break in Australia where he worked on a melon farm to replenish his funds.

The former forklift driver is heading east across ‘Oz’ towards Sydney where he will catch a flight to the next country on his list – New Zealand.

Over the past 15 months Gary’s route has taken him through 20 countries across Europe, Asia and Australia, clocking up 17,085km.

The 31-year-old said Myanmar was his favourite country that he had visited so far, but it did bring some testing times.

“Still authoritarian, and unused to tourists, I was eyed with suspicion by the authorities at almost every step,” Gary said.

“On arriving I was subject to a phone call on a stranger’s phone, which was handed to me in a hotel lobby, from a mystery caller telling me which route to take and that I mustn’t camp or stay in temples.”

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After New Zealand, Gary will fly across the Pacific Ocean to the United States of America, where he will travel through around six more countries before returning to Ipswich, but his exact route is not decided.

Gary is aiming to raise £5,000 for Colchester charity Re-cycle.

Visit www.gearsweneveruse.com to donate.