Ipswich: Do or die... now Jerry feels reborn after shedding 10st

Jerry Bishop is looking forward to a new lease of life after shedding more than ten stone.

The 27-year-old weighed 24 stone before taking the plunge and signing up to Slimming World in Ipswich.

Now, after months of hard-work and dedication he weighs a healthy 13st 13lbs and declared that weight loss has changed his life.

Mr Bishop said: “At 24 stone my life seemed very limited, I was unemployed upon returning to the UK from the USA after eight years. Job seeking is hard enough, however with the added confidence and anxiety issues being extremely overweight brings, it made the job search frivolous to say the least.”

However, after applying for a job with a new-found confidence from his weight loss, he got the position as an assistant duty manager at a Morrison’s supermarket in Stowmarket.

Mr Bishop, who lives on Clapgate Lane in Ipswich, described how his worsening health and continued unemployment, along with a “harrowing” conversation about his weight with his mother, motivated him to finally act on the issue.

He said: “Knowing I couldn’t survive much longer that unhealthy and unemployed, I had to act. Motivated more by the tragic loss of my brother in a fire in February 2008, as my Mum was scared to lose me as my health was deteriorating rapidly.”

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After receiving a flyer from Slimming World through his door in February of last year, Jerry was prompted to sign up to the group’s Claptgate Lane Conservative Club venue after feeling like he had “nothing to lose.”

He added: “I first turned up very nervous and must have walked through the doors and out a couple of times before the consultant saw what I was doing and greeted me with a friendly and warm welcome.

“From that second on, I never felt uncomfortable again whilst at the group.”

After a number of weeks, Jerry began to lose weight and reap the benefits, something he says inspired him to keep going.

“In my first week I lost a massive 10lbs, and all of a sudden had a real sense of belief in what I was doing and how achievable it actually could potentially be.

“As weeks passed by, the more and more successful I became and looked forward to every Thursday with great suspense and excitement.”

Jerry explained that due to shedding the pounds his health and confidence increased.

He added: “All the chest pains, dizzy spells, heavy breathing and heartburn dissipated and I finally after many years felt comfortable in myself socially and in my health.

“I no longer felt trapped behind the weight and sluggishness of my body, and feel very much reborn.”

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