Ipswich: Driver denies reversing car into clubbers

IPSWICH: A BMW driver hit and injured a man and a woman on a pedestrian crossing as he reversed his car at speed along a town centre road, it has been alleged.

After striking the couple, Thomasz Nadratowski allegedly continued reversing along Franciscan Way and mounted the kerb before coming to a halt, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

The wheels of the car were seen to spin before the car was driven off at speed, Simon Gladwell, prosecuting, said.

He said one of the injured pedestrians, Justine Love, was hit on the lower leg, while her boyfriend, Matthew Bromley, was hit on his calf.

Nadratowski, 30, of The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, has denied dangerous driving on September 26 last year.

Mr Gladwell told the court: “This case involved the defendant reversing his BMW at speed across a pedestrian crossing and hitting two members of the public on the crossing.

“The defendant says he was driving, but he wasn’t driving dangerously.”

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The court heard the alleged incident happened at 11.30pm on September 26 last year as Miss Love, who was celebrating her birthday, her boyfriend and some of their friends were walking from the town centre to a nightclub at Cardinal Park.

Mr Gladwell said they had been using a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Franciscan Way and Wolsey Street when the alleged collision occurred.

He said another motorist was forced to stop his car when Nadratowski carried out the reversing manoeuvre and a passenger in that car saw Miss Love’s shoe go flying up in the air after she was struck.

Nadratowksi was arrested at 12.30am on September 27 in Woodbridge and fresh scuff marks were found on the near side of the vehicle which was parked outside his house and was still warm.

He told police he had been out for one drink in Ipswich that night and as he had been driving in Franciscan Way he had seen a crowd of people who he thought were going to kick his car.

He had been angry and had reversed his car to them. He denied reversing quickly and said it had been a safe thing to do.

He said his brother told him he had hit a girl, but he had not felt the collision and had driven off as he didn’t think anyone had been injured.

The trial continues today.