Ipswich: Drivers warned over road blocks on Falcon Street

IPSWICH: Road-blockers were today warned they could be fined if they queue in Falcon Street while waiting for a space at the Buttermarket car park.

On busy shopping days drivers have often found themselves at a standstill with tailbacks stretching as far as Civic Drive, due to other motorists’ thoughtless behaviour.

Now Ipswich police have decided enough is enough and have served notice that they intend to resolve the problem over the festive period.

Officers will be trying new tactics to ease the traffic congestion caused by people desperate for a prime parking space in the town centre.

Chief Inspector Andrew Mason said police will be taking action in partnership with Ipswich Borough Council parking enforcement officers and security staff at the Buttermarket shopping centre.

The parking wardens have been given the power to take action against those queuing up in the road by asking them to move on.

They will be giving errant drivers a map showing the location of other town centre car parks.

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Signs are also being put out in Falcon Street every day, warning people not to clog up the road.

Cones will be put out by staff at the Buttermarket centre in a bid to keep the traffic flowing.

The moves are being supported by police who, if all else fails, will hand out fines to those refusing to move.

Ch Insp Mason said: “Police Community Support Officers will be regularly patrolling the area and will give out fixed penalty notices if necessary.”

Meanwhile officers have also implemented a strategy to deal with the potential for anti-social behaviour in the town leading up to Christmas, particularly on Thursdays when there is late-night shopping.

As part of that strategy, test purchases have been carried out at nine off-licences in and around the town, targeting premises suspected of selling alcohol to youngsters.

Ch Insp Mason said he was pleased to see all the stores refused to let a teenager buy booze.

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