Ipswich: Drug addict back behind bars for supplying heroin after family leaves him

IPSWICH: A dejected drug addict whose wife and children left him after he served a prison term is back behind bars today for supplying heroin a second time.

Atik Miah, of Morgan Drive, Ipswich, had left jail after serving a 30-month sentence for supplying the Class A drug only to find himself estranged from his family, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Judge Peter Fenn was told the 36-year-old went into a downward spiral, went back on drugs, and was then arrested and charged again in May for the same offence.

As a result of 82 grammes of low-grade heroin being found at Miah’s home, he was imprisoned for three years after admitting possession with intent to supply.

Earlier, prosecutor Godfried Duah said police had stopped Miah after seeing him pull out of his drive in a car without wearing a seatbelt. He also appeared to be reading a letter while driving.

The officers believed he was being evasive when questioned about his identity and arrested him. Mr Duah said it transpired a warrant had already been requested by other officers to search Miah’s home.

Inside, they discovered the heroin in two plastic bags, which Miah bought from the proceeds of selling a car.

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The court heard Miah had previous convictions for two offences of possessing a controlled drug in 1998, and possession of heroin with intent to supply in 2008. On that occasion he was given a 30-month jail term by Ipswich Crown Court.

Claire Hullock, mitigating, said her client had struggled for years with a heroin addiction. He had relapsed due to depression after his release from prison because he had split up from his wife and was unable to see his children.

An order was also made under the Proceeds of Crime Act to confiscate �946.46 from Miah.