Ipswich: Even five years on, I wake up thinking of Aaron every day

HE was my rock, my protector. That’s how Lorraine McClure remembers her son Private Aaron McClure, 19, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan five years ago today.

He was serving with B-company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, when he was killed by friendly fire in Helmand Province on August 23, 2007.

“It still seems like it’s the first year since we lost Aaron,” said Miss McClure.

“That day was the worst in my life and I still have nightmares about that knock on the door. That day stays in my mind as clear as when it happened.”

Aaron spent a total of four months in Afghanistan before his untimely death but his mum is grateful for the two weeks he had at home before returning to the war-torn country.

Miss McClure, of Marlow Road, Ipswich, added: “The month before he died he came home for his R&R. In that time he had changed from my little boy and into a man.

“I could see his mind was still in Afghanistan. He was very quiet and distant, and spent a lot of the time doing his own thing.”

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Grandmother Vi Currie, of Whitby Road, Ipswich, said Aaron was in the cadets as a boy and all he wanted to do was enlist in the Army.

“Joining the Army was all he ever wanted to do. He loved the Army and what he was doing for his country.

“Aaron had his head screwed on and had a plan for his life.”

Miss McClure, 41, who described her first born as her protector, said she has learned to cope with her loss.

“Anyone who has lost a child or someone close to them will know what I’m going through,” she added.

“I have learned to cope but believe me I wake up thinking of Aaron every day.”

Aaron also left behind three brothers – Lewis, 23, Daniel, 21, and 17-year-old Ryan. Mrs Currie, 60, said she can see the effect Aaron’s death has had on them as well as her daughter.

“August is a very hard month for the whole family. I can see how it makes Lorraine feel and the effect in his three brothers,” she added.

“Slowly they have managed to move on but they still struggle.

“It affects me too, I lost my grandson. But it’s really difficult for all of us.

“Your hear news on the TV from Afghanistan and it brings it straight back to you. I just can’t believe it’s been five years since we lost Aaron.”

The family will be spending August 23 together and visiting Aaron’s grave at Ipswich’s Millennium Cemetery.

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