Ipswich: Facebook debate over future of town’s 65-year-old prefabs

Prefabs in Sidegate Lane

Prefabs in Sidegate Lane - Credit: Contributed

A CALL to remove temporary homes put up in the Rushmere area of Ipswich 65 years ago to house those left homeless by wartime bombing has sparked much debate.

Fans of our Facebook page have been sharing their thoughts on the matter, with many supporting the tenants who want to stay in their homes.

Ed Straker said: “Is that worth spending time and money on? They have been there for 60 years. All are well maintained. Ms Terry: prioritise!

Agreeing, Dave Jenner added: “They are lovely properties, my mate lives in one, leave them alone I say.”

And Tracey Caraccio shared her views, saying: “My nan lives in one of these and has done since they were built lovely properties and a nice area leave them be try looking at other areas that are run down.”

However, Theresa Dawson said: “They are not all maintained well, knock them down.”

In response, Ed Straker said: “And then council tax has to go up to pay for new council houses. Its a not a non issue.”

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Richard Morgan believes only those living in the prefabs should be able to decide on their fate. He said: “This can only be a question for the people who live in them most of whom have paid many times there worth in rent over the years.

His views are shared by Ian Prosser, who simply stated: “Ask the residents.”

Some believe that no action should be taken until the properties are empty.

But Amy Buckles added: “Well doesn’t that depend on who’s living in them? Usually elderly people, these are their homes and communities. Are you going to wait until they are all empty before destroying more of our older generations final homes?!”

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