Ipswich: Fans hit out at Lisa Stansfield after she claimed town gig was worst ever

Lisa Stansfield at the Ipswich Regent

Lisa Stansfield at the Ipswich Regent - Credit: news

SHE’S been all around the world – but she can’t bear Ipswich!

Lisa Stansfield on stage in Ipswich. Picture by Jerry Turner.

Lisa Stansfield on stage in Ipswich. Picture by Jerry Turner.

Nineties pop star Lisa Stansfield has slated Ipswich by naming a 2003 gig in the town as her worst ever and describing the audience as “zombies”.

The singer, who had a string of Top 40 hits and best-selling album Real Love in the 1990s, used expletives to blast those who had paid to watch her performance at the Regent a decade ago.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper to promote her forthcoming tour, the singer was asked: “What’s the worst gig you’ve done?”

She replied: “Ipswich six years ago. The whole audience were like zombies.

“They didn’t move, didn’t do anything, then after the show people came backstage and said: ‘It’s the most beautiful show I’ve ever seen, I was so excited.’

“I was like ‘what are you like when you’re bored?’”

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According to her official website, the singer’s last gig in “Ipswitch” was at the Regent on April 1, 2003 – 10 years ago, not six years ago as she claimed.

A review of the gig, which appeared in The Star the following day, described how the crowd “jumped to their feet to dance” as Stansfield sang second number, Real Love.

Tracey Elsey, a former Star features editor reviewed Stansfield’s 2003 gig.

She said: “It was a decade ago but I don’t remember the concert or the audience being particularly bad in any way. I think it would have stuck in my mind if it was.

“It’s a shame she has mentioned Ipswich in this way but maybe she’s confused our town with another, as she must have visited a lot of places over the years.”

Show manager at the Regent, Shelley Rooke, said: “I understand it was 10 years since she performed here.

“Ipswich audiences certainly know what they like. Anyone who has visited the venue will appreciate the amazing atmosphere when over 1,500 people are enjoying themselves.”

However, some readers did come to the singer’s defence.

Ann Jarrett said: “I was there and no-one stood up. I have seen lots of good singers and they have had to beg people to get up.

“I have been told to sit down by boring people who have paid for a seat and want to use it and get their money’s worth.

“Lisa was amazing but I hate seeing a singer ask if you’re going to sing and dance or join, everyone shouts yes but stay seated as if their bums are glued to the seat.”

Another commenter on the Star’s website said: “The trouble is the Regent is not a great place to host a concert where you may want to dance, there is no room to dance as you have a seat behind you, you may want to get up and wiggle but if the people behind you don’t it is darned awkward.

“Still a miserable comment from her though.”

Stansfield declined to comment when The Star contacted her management company.