Ipswich/Fexlistowe: Teen speaks of her horror as bus ploughs into sign at Ipswich Hospital

I’M still shaken up but I feel very lucky.

Those were the words of 18-year-old Zoe Scott who was fortunate to escape without serious injuries when a bus ploughed into the canopy above the entrance of Ipswich Hospital’s accident and emergency unit.

She was sat at the front of the top deck of the bus when it struck, causing glass to shatter above her and parts of the sign to collapse around her.

Today the brave teen spoke of her shock at seeing the Garrett Anderson Centre sign “coming at her”, and how she is counting her lucky stars that she wasn’t more seriously injured.

Miss Scott, of Capel Drive, Felixstowe, was travelling from her home to the Cattle Market in Ipswich with her friend Greta Semeliunaite, also 18, on Saturday evening when the drama unfolded.

The former Deben High School student, said: “It all happened so quickly. I don’t remember ducking at all, but I must have ducked to get out of the way – it’s lucky I did.

“Then all of this glass came down on me and part of the bus hit me on the head.

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“Greta was trying to get me out of there and then the bus started moving again and even more stuff fell down on me.”

After her friend helped release her from the fallen debris, Miss Scott was taken into the hospital for treatment.

Today, she is still recovering having suffered whiplash and cuts and bruises, with glass still in her skin.

The shocked teenager, who works at Trimley St Martin Primary School, added: “I still keep thinking about it and when it was happening I just remember being there and shaking.

“It was terrifying and I has still left me shaken up but I feel really lucky.“

Miss Semeliunaite, who was sat in a row opposite her friend, said: “It was so scary. I was just really worried about Zoe and I wanted to get to her and get her out. I didn’t know whether she was OK or not.”

Miss Scott’s mum, Sharon Barnby, added: “She is really lucky. If she hadn’t of moved out of the way I don’t know what would have happened.

“A policeman told us that if she hadn’t of ducked then she would have been seriously injured or worse.

“It could have killed her.”

An Ipswich Hospital spokeswoman said the damage was currently being assessed and they hoped to have the sign replaced and the damage repaired as soon as possible. The entrance to the A&E department remains cordoned off today, with patients using an alternative entrance.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police confirmed the incident was the subject of an investigation by officers.