Ipswich: First child would be icing on cake for Wills and Kate

IPSWICH: A lottery-winning cake maker is today wishing Britain’s Royal newlyweds all the best for the future after it emerged the couple followed tradition and saved the top tiers of their magnificent wedding cake.

Ronnie Ullah, cake maker at Ipswich-based sugar craft and party store Carousel, said the retention of the top tier is a traditional sign that the couple will serve the cake at the christening of their first child.

The 66-year-old, who won more than �5 million nine years ago, said: “I wish them well. They are a lovely couple. I particularly like Kate. She is so down to earth. I wish them all the best. Let’s hope they have children soon.

“The idea of keeping the top tier is either for the first baby’s christening or for the first wedding anniversary.”

Mr Ullah said he imagined the top tiers of the cake – reportedly kept by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – would contain extra alcohol which acts as a preservative.

Mr Ullah, who made a cake in the shape of a tree trunk for the Prince of Wales’s 50th birthday celebrations, said the cake maker will have been instructed that the couple intended to keep the first tiers.

Ronnie and business partner Carol Owen opened their store in the Buttermarket shopping centre 18 months ago.

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Ronnie said: “I did what all lottery winners do. I bought the cars and boats and property abroad. I went on the holidays. But after about three or four years it becomes mundane and I started to wake up wondering what to do. My wife reminded me that I loved making cakes so I went back to work. I am over the moon about it.”

Carol said: “Nowadays a lot of people don’t got for fruit cakes preferring Madeira, sponge and chocolate cake. Cup cakes are extremely popular.”

A team of eight people worked for five weeks to make the royal wedding cake, which compromised 17 individual cakes and weighed more than 70 kilograms.

It has been placed in the state dining room of Buckingham Palace where it can be viewed by visitors during the annual summer opening. It will be on display until October 3.

The Duke and Duchess, who are both fans of fruitcakes, cut the cake with a sword – the mark where they made the incision is visible in the display.

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